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Telemedicine benefits

Minimized Infectious risk

Virtual appointments mitigate infection risks by eliminating the necessity for in-person visits, especially crucial during public health emergencies or for highly vulnerable individuals.

Cost Efficiency

Virtual care reduces healthcare expenses for patients by reducing the need for physical visits, travel costs, and work disruptions.

Access to healthcare from anywhere

Patients can access healthcare services remotely, enabling consultations with healthcare professionals from any location.

Enhanced Flexibility and Convenience

Patients can conveniently schedule and reschedule appointments according to their preferences, enhancing flexibility.

Improved patient follow-up

Virtual care services facilitate seamless communication among healthcare providers, ensuring consistent care delivery and enabling patients to receive follow-up treatment through online platforms.

Primary Health Care

It is the fundamental healthcare available to everyone. Our objective is to offer preventive care, education, diagnosis, and treatment for common illnesses, minor injuries, wound care, and other conditions. This is achieved through regular health screenings, immunizations, and educating individuals on healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise.

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Chronic care

Our team offers assistance to individuals coping with chronic diseases, aiding in the management of daily symptoms affecting their quality of life and addressing acute health issues and complications that may reduce life expectancy. Effective management of chronic illnesses involves focusing on patient-driven outcomes to enhance medication adherence and comprehension. Monitoring outcomes involves utilizing at-home devices along with outsourced laboratory results from local pathology services.

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Child Health

At Helecho Health, we recognize that children are particularly susceptible to frequent illnesses. To offer the best possible care, we provide a variety of services. These services encompass treating acute infections, addressing skin reactions, monitoring growth, screening for nutritional deficiencies, and many other essential aspects of paediatric healthcare.

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Documentation Consult

General practitioners frequently handle more than just medical treatments, as many individuals need assistance with completing various documents for work purposes. At Helecho Health, we provide our clients with a discounted consultation fee for basic health screenings and document completion, including PDP and Insurance Medicals.

* Not for the sole purpose of obtaining a sick certificate.

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Mental Health

Achieving a balanced lifestyle and wellness involves taking a holistic approach to mental health. Helecho Health provides patients with a range of treatment options, whether you're feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges or have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Remember, the path to mental well-being takes time, and the team at Helecho Health is here to support you every step of the way.

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