About us

Helecho Health has been established to address critical issues prevalent in the current healthcare landscape of South Africa. Accessibility to healthcare stands out as a major barrier preventing patients from achieving optimal health and longevity. The limited availability of funding, coupled with deficiencies in the existing government healthcare systems, leaves many patients underserved. Helecho Health has devised strategies to confront these challenges by offering remote consultations and cost-effective services that prioritize transparency in billing.

Acknowledging the pressing issues within South Africa's healthcare system, Helecho Health is committed to enhancing accessibility and affordability. The organization aims to empower all individuals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives by providing innovative solutions that prioritize patient needs. Through its dedication to revolutionizing healthcare delivery, Helecho Health is reshaping the healthcare landscape in the country. By prioritizing quality care and patient-centric services, Helecho Health seeks to ensure that healthcare remains accessible to all, irrespective of financial limitations. Together, we can collaborate towards a healthier future for all South Africans.

Within the realm of contemporary problem-solving, Helecho Health and its executive leadership are dedicated to addressing the root causes of illnesses rather than merely alleviating symptoms. The efficacy of medical cannabis and herbal remedies has been substantiated over time, emerging as a preferred medical solution for a wide range of conditions. Dr. Nicole Dramat, the medical director of Helecho Health, advocates for holistic approaches through her affiliation with the esteemed Dr. Shiksha Gallow's Holistic Integrative Healing Institute (HIHI).

Shiksha Gallow's pioneering research on medical cannabis and herbal remedies has not only earned her multiple prestigious accolades but has also catalyzed groundbreaking progress in healthcare. The exceptional outcomes witnessed in patients undergoing medical cannabis-based treatments underscore its efficacy as a potent and viable form of medicine. With increasing acceptance among individuals and healthcare practitioners, the future of medical cannabis in promoting healing and wellness appears exceptionally promising.

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